Scoil Íosagáin Infant School,
Spa Glen, Mallow, Co. Cork. Tel. No. 022-42766

Book List 2017/2018 – JUNIOR INFANTS
* Denotes book rental books available in school in September - on payment of €8 per pupil

                                                                                                            PRICE           Book rental Scheme
(Available in school)

Readers Folens Reading Zone:
* Look Out Teddy                                                                 €5.20                           Rental
* Lost Ball                                                                              €5.20                           Rental
* Splash                                                                                  €5.20                           Rental

Pre Reading Activity Book (Reading Zone)                          €6.60     
Phonics: Sounds in Action Junior Infants                             €7.60                
Ready to Write A1 (Edco)                                                    €6.30 each                                             
4 thick dry wipe whiteboard markers (non permanent)          €1.50 each                             
(labelled with child’s name on them)
Maths: Planet Maths Junior Infants (Folens)                         €11.95
(2 books in pack)                 
Science: Unlocking SESE Junior Infants (Folens)                       €8.60                
Gaeilge: Bua na Cainte Workbook A (Edco)                                    €8.50      
Religion: Grow in Love Pupil Junior Infants                         €8.99
Belfield Infant Assessment.  Pupil Profile Booklet (Folens)                                    €6.25


  • 4 Junior grip pencils (pupils name on each pencil)                                                              
  • Duster (soft based sponge/cloth).

Do not give your child a washing up scrubber as these scratch the whiteboards. Thank you.

  • 3 x A4 envelope folders with fastener
  • 2 x 15 A Project copies
  • 3 x Junior Blank copies
  • 1 x 120 page copy
  • Scrap book                                                                                                                             
  • 2 x Large Pritt Sticks (labelled with child’s name on each)
  • 2xA5 size plastic transparent envelope (for cut out words).
  • Thick twistable crayons in a pencil case with pupils name on each twistable crayon.


€25-requested in envelope attached clearly marked with child’s name to be given to class teacher on 1st day. This covers art materials, photocopying.


The following are important points:

  • Please bring all books to school clearly labelled with child’s name and room number on the first day on return.  Books are to be put in a labelled plastic bag to allow teacher to sort all books on return day to school.  Please cover books in plastic to allow child to recognise books.  Label child’s name on front cover of books for ease of distributing in class.
  • Label child’s uniform, tracksuit top and coat.
  • School doors open at 9:00 a.m. and school finishes at 1:40 p.m.
  • Parents are advised to leave your children in school just in time for opening to allow pupil to line up in yard.
  • Healthy lunches are requested as we are a healthy school. Fizzy drinks, crisps, salty foods are not allowed.  Children cannot manage yogurt in school.  A drink preferably water, one piece of fruit and veg and one sandwich are sufficient.  Feasta Fun Friday is our treat day – a small chocolate treat on Fridays only.
  • Books, tracksuit and school tie are available in Philips Book Shop in Mallow.
  • Please keep a change of clothes for your child in his/her school bag, clearly marked with your child’s name.  Due to shortage of storage in presses in classroom we request that change of clothes in the event of accident would be kept in his/her schoolbag.